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Comprehensive and customized healthcare service solutions

As one of the largest and most comprehensive healthcare providers in Canada, we know that no two patients are the same, which is why we believe in the value of customized rehabilitation solutions. Our highly trained and experienced healthcare professionals customize treatment plans based on the patient’s treatment goals, and could include physio, chiropractic, massage, operational therapy, kinesiology, psychology, or other applicable treatments. We offer these solutions in a variety of community settings, including our more than 300 clinics, patients’ homes, and senior facilities. We also offer a full spectrum of innovative workplace health and wellness solutions designed for our customers to provide their employees a better work life. These services include a range of occupational health services, wellness services, and employee injury and case management solutions. Additionally, our independent medical assessment division is Canada’s largest, with more than 1,600 expert assessors across the country serving a broad range of industry sectors.

Community Rehabilitation Services

Workplace Health & Wellness

Medical Assessments