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Lifemark's webinar on managing persistent pain
Lifemark's webinar on managing persistent pain
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TORONTO – November 29, 2023, Lifemark Health Group hosted a webinar on managing persistent pain. The webinar addressed the following: how much pain is safe and expected with exercises, options for movement when in pain, and steps to manage and reduce pain. 

The panel featured Lifemark clinicians including registered physiotherapists, Neil Pearson, Tanya Nichol, Daniel Godinho, and kinesiologist Logan Miller, who explored common pain management approaches, and what to do if you are living with persistent pain.  

Attendees found the webinar was educational and informative, with actionable steps to take towards managing chronic pain. These steps focused on how to reduce pain through gentle and intentional movement, and the importance of using the body, mind, breath, and pain as guides to determine how much movement is okay in the presence of persistent pain. The webinar explained when to seek help from a clinician. 

"Through this webinar, we are excited to be a part of a conversation that profoundly affects the lives of Canadians,” shared Neil Pearson. “It is incredibly moving to help patients better understand and control pain at the same time as learning to live well when pain persists.” 

You can access the full recording of the webinar here


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