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Standing up to stress during uncertain times.
Standing up to stress during uncertain times.
Standing up to stress  during uncertain times 5 key webinar takeaways

TORONTO, ON – February 23, 2023, Lifemark Health Group hosted a webinar on managing stress during uncertain times, in honor of psychology month.  

The webinar was attended by over 900 participants looking for strategies to deal with the stress and uncertainty of these challenging times. The panel of mental health experts included Lifemark's own psychologists Dr. Sylvie Bourgeois and Dr. “RB” Watts, as well as registered social worker Debbie Garshon. 

During the webinar, the experts discussed common stress reactions and practical strategies to enhance resilience to help people rebuild a sense of hope and control over their lives. The audience gained a greater understanding of the common reactions to stress and uncertainty, including anxiety, fear, and loss of control. The experts provided easy-to-use strategies for healthy coping and developing resilience, such as deep breathing, mindfulness, and positive self-talk. 

The webinar was well-received by the audience, who found it informative and helpful in managing their stress levels. By the end of the webinar, the audience was better able to recognize when help may be needed and who can help. This webinar is another way Lifemark is supporting the mental health of their clients and the community. 

"We were delighted to share our knowledge and experience, helping people understand the common stress reactions and providing practical strategies to enhance resilience.” said Dr. Sylvie Bourgeois, National Director, Psychology & Mental Health Services at Lifemark Health Group. “We believe that these strategies can help people rebuild a sense of hope and control over their lives during periods of stress."  

You can view the webinar here. 


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